Arkansas Secretary of State Business Search

Start using the Arkansas Secretary of State business search functionality and the database of Arkansas-based entities if you are seeking to register or partner with a business in the state.

The State of Arkansas has compiled an official database of businesses within their boundaries and the contact information to facilitate partnerships.

The Arkansas Secretary of State is a popularly elected constitutional office of the State of Arkansas and compiles databases of information pertaining to Arkansas-based corporate entities through the Business Services Division.

In addition to the Business Services Division, the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office also maintains Administrative Services Division, Elections Division, and a Government Records Section.

The SOS database provided by the Arkansas Secretary of State Business Services Division is tasked with compiling information on all of the businesses incorporated within the state of Arkansas, so all entries are exhaustive and up-to-date. Users can search the database based upon a range of search criteria that are both specific and vague, and even obscure information such as the incorporating agent.

How to conduct an Arkansas Secretary of State Business Search

Users can access the Arkansas SOS corporation search for the following types of companies that are currently or were incorporated in the state of Arkansas:

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• Corporations – 25%
• Cooperatives – 40%
• Limited Liability Companies – 20%
• Limited Partnerships – 9%
• Limited Companies – 2%
• Limited Liability Partnerships – 3%

Any business within Arkansas that is registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State Business Services division can be searched for based upon the following criteria:

• Entity Name
• Entity ID
• Officer, Agent or Incorporator Name
• Reservation by ID
• Date
• Month and Year

For example, if the user wants to search for a corporation based in Arkansas by name, the user will be prompted to enter the company’s name in the “Entity Name” field on the Arkansas Secretary of State business search page.

In addition, the user will be asked to provide (if available though not required*) the “Entity Type,” “Place of Formation,” “City of Principal Address,” and “Status.”

If this information is available it may help refine the search in the case of multiple results but this information is not necessary for conducting an initial inquiry or you can contact the department for more information:

Arkansas Secretary of State Corporations Division
State Capitol, RM 256
Little Rock, AR 72201
Telephone: (501) 682-3409
Toll Free: 1 (888) 233-0325

You should know that having such information may help them more accurately located the desired corporation or service.

If the business is located within Arkansas, it is located within the official database. After clicking on the search button, the user will be provided with a list of results that most closely match the criteria entered in the preceding page.

Clicking on any entry in the search results will lead the user to a detailed information page that contains the relevant information for the business entity to which it is attached.

In the search, users can also search for Arkansas-based entities by business identification number, agent, officer, or incorporation, if this information is known.

Our quick SOS Corporation Search provides users with relevant and actionable results to register or partner with a business in the State of Arkansas.

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